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WE bring your ideas to life with next generation Low Code.

WE comes packed with formable components which lets you build surprisingly advanced solutions. 

Imagine Create Deliver

WE – The new generation Low-Code service that will dazzle you

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What can you do with the WE Platform?

The platform lets you connect people, things, and systems via Rest API, MQTT, E-mail, SMS etc. Data is stored in units that can represent whatever you want, like a person for example.  Tagging and grouping are common proceeders working with WE.

Everything is built in the cloud and you don’t need any storage, management or development team.

Ones you have your idea planed out you will use a variety of functions like JOBS, TRIGGERS, UNITS etc and right away you will see your solution taking form.

Some of our bigger customers that are using the WE-patform successfully.