Bosbec WE – the platform where you build.

Bosbec WE is a tool where you build IT solutions with pre-configured components – online, cloud-based and fast. Create unique solutions as a standalone system for your organisation, or to complement systems that are already in place.
Bosbec WE is scalable to fit both the small business and the large corporation where simple and flexible components inside the builder allows you to decide the level of complexity and functionality.

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WE – The new generation cloud service platform that will dazzle you

What can you do with the WE Platform?

The platform lets you connect people, things, and systems via Rest API, MQTT, E-mail, SMS etc. Data is stored in units that can represent whatever you want, like a person for example.  Tagging and grouping are common proceeders working with WE.

Everything is built in the cloud and you don’t need any storage, management or development team.

Ones you have your idea planed out you will use a variety of functions like JOBS, TRIGGERS, UNITS etc and right away you will see your solution taking form.


This is where it begins. Use one of the triggers to act as a starting point for your WorkFlow. For instance – an incoming API call, an incoming message or a scheduled activity.


These are the building blocks in your WorkFlow that perform an operation of your choice. A multitude of operations are available, applicable on either resources and data in your current execution or on some resource on the account.


Units can be used to store data and represent your data models. Each unit has a collection of metadata that can be used for data storage but they can also be utilised to easily search, group and transform the objects throughout your process.

Messages and forms

The messages and forms will help you gather and send information to other people for effortless communication. Send instructions, orders or manual messages.


The API’s will help you to communicate with other systems and things as a way to connect your solution to any external entities that is required to be involved.

Workflow builder

Working in the WorkFlow builder means there is no end to what you are able to create. Pull out a trigger and start building – it’s like Lego. Rather than using complex coding programs, the pre-configured components inside the WorkFlow builder allows you to construct a new system with easy building blocks and unlimited functionality, no matter the level of sophistication and complexity that you are after. 

When the system is ready and activated the Bosbec Workflow engine picks it up and starts processing events immediately. No deployment or external hosting is needed and Bosbec WE is hosted at AWS to ensure stability and performance.

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For whom?

The solution is scalable and built to handle large volumes of data, and with a vast variety of general components that can be shaped into whatever you would like – there is simply no end to what you can create. Complex or simple, quick solution or an all-encompassing system for a large organisation with multiple users.

Bosbec WE presents a scalable and straightforward platform that is constructed to manage broad spectrums of businesses – whether a small company or big corporation the Bosbec solution will be able to fit to your size. 

We build. Bosbec.

Some of our bigger customers that are using the WE-patform successfully.