Malware and end-user behavior are taking down businesses every day.

Would you like to implement a really high-level security for online accounts, so easy to use that you wish you’d heard about us earlier?

Multi-Factor Authentication with Bosbec WE – As easy to use as pouring a cup of coffee.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Bosbec Multi-Factor Template lets you have a high security login function to your IT-system.

  • Access via API
  • Generated passwords are sent to recipients as SMS, e-mail and via APP. Add on validation for higher security level.
  • Link your AD via ADFS-component (included)

Bosbec WE 
Bosbec WE is a platform wich makes it really easy to create IT-solutions. Build modules and connect them, kind of like an online Lego.

We have built a number of templates that let you get right on it. Use and love your template or built on top of it and create your own master solution.

All you need is an account.